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Our accommodation will be closed due to the nationwide lockdown until the end of March 2021 or until advised by the Government that we can reopen. The office is still open.

While we sort out all the existing January to March 2021 bookings affected by the current lockdown, we have taken all availability for 2021/22 offline. We will send out an email to all on our mailing list when we are able to take new bookings. If you aren't on our mailing list you can sign up on our homepage.

When our accommodation is open we follow guidelines from the Government which ensure that it is as virus free as is reasonably possible.

Our standard terms and conditions apply, however if you are prepared to move your booking if it can't be honoured then you won't lose any money.

If we are closed on government advice and consequently unable to honour your booking, then we will refund you in full within 7 days. Rest assured that we have sufficient funds to do this for all bookings in the unlikely event that this became necessary. We would of course prefer it if you opted to move your booking free of charge to another date (we would need to charge more/refund you the difference if the new dates varied significantly in price).

If you are unable to honour your booking because of government travel restrictions local to you then unfortunately our standard terms and conditions will apply. However we will move your booking to another date free of charge as above.

There is an option during the booking process to insure your holiday with Booking Protect. This insurance does give some protection if you or your immediate family catch the virus. Check their Covid page here for the details.

If you don't have insurance and are ill with Covid-19 at the start of your holiday (or become ill during your holiday heaven forbid!) we will move your booking free of charge as above. We will need to have evidence of a positive test result.

We hope you all stay well and look forward to seeing you soon.

Contact Railholiday by email at office@railholiday.co.uk or by phone on (+44) 01503 230783.  ©