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Covid 19

We appreciate that the fast changing Covid-19 problem may be causing our customers concern. We are following guidance from The Department for Health & Social Care.

As of 4th July we are open for business. We are following guidelines from the Government which will ensure that our accommodation is as virus free as is reasonably possible.

We have now reverted to our standard terms and conditions. If lockdown is re-inposed then we will most likely offer the same things as last time ie. free changes to holiday dates, shorter lead time for balances to be due and of course full refunds for holidays when we are legally obliged to be closed for those who do not wish to change their dates.

We hope you all stay well and look forward to seeing you at some time in the future.

Contact Railholiday by email at office@railholiday.co.uk or by phone on (+44) 01503 230783.  ©