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The Railholiday Children's Page

Things to Do - Places to Go - Games to Play

Can you spot the differences in these two pictures of Harvey? Answer at the bottom of the page!

Art by Irene Vidal Cal

When you're staying in one of the carriages, how about doing some of these things, or visiting some of these places:

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by Poppy, aged 9 St Germans Primary School St Germans Primary School

Here are a couple of video's Poppy made of the old footbridge in St Germans and the church. If you’ve got a video you'd like to add to our page, please contact us on office@railholiday.co.uk

Here are some links to websites that you might find interesting:

National Geographic Kids - All about animals, nature and planet earth.
Nature Detectives - this is our favourite site ever for finding out all about the countryside. You'll find lots of worksheets and nature treasure hunts
Fox Club - Cornwall’s very own wildlife club, full of fun and games.
Eco Friendly Kids - a site with lots of tips for being eco friendly.
Peer Trainer - Physical Fitness Resources for Kids - everything you need to get you fit and healthy.

Kids Spot

Have you a web site that would interest visitors to our site? If so then we would be pleased to set up a reciprocal link with you. Click on this email link: Links@railholiday.co.uk.

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